Lily Luta – Hot Vietnamese Girl

Lilly Luta is a famous hot girl in Vietnam with a doll face. She began her career as a model for the teenage magazine and become more beautiful day by day These are pictures what she has taken few hour ago Lilly Luta has done the sweet image Saigon’s Hot girl showing off slim body in […]


Beautiful Vietnamese girls and long dresses

In Vietnam, women are not used to wearing dresses to show off the beauty of their body. Because they have to work very hard. So long dresses would not be appropriate. Vietnamese girl in Ao Dai in the University  Ms.Vietnam in traditional costume

Vietnam girls in ancient costumes (10)

Vietnamese in traditional camisole – Part 2

Only about 80 years ago, the Vietnamese girls still use this outfit (see photos). Vietnamese girls in ancient costumes In Vietnam, people call them a camisole and skirt. The dress is always only one color, which is black. And camisole, there are the colorful overalls, but also only 2-3 colors: brown, red or white. Now, […]


Vietnamese Girl In traditional camisole

Vietnamese Yếm refers to an ancient Vietnamese bodice used primarily as an undergarment that was once worn by Vietnamese women across all classes. There exists a modern variant called “áo yếm”, but the historical garment was simply called “yếm”. It was most usually worn underneath a blouse or overcoat, for modesty’s sake. It is a […]